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The number of coworkers within the police force that got involved after a shooting between criminals, which got one of them killed. (Svensk Polis)
The layer of permafrost is shrinking. (Sveriges Natur)
Illegal transports. (Sveriges Natur)
Overcrowding at hospitals. (Sjukhusläkaren)
Statistics about hate crimes. (Polismuseet)
The Amazon rainforest is being cut down, and will probably continue that way. The infographic puts the values in perspective. (Sveriges Natur)
Risk factors for violent men. (Svensk Polis)
Fishing and forestry statistics. (Sveriges Natur)
Statistics showing length of guitar solos. I listened and measured them and found out that they are getting shorter and fewer since Jimi Hendrix was playing. (Sydsvenskan)
This is how the swedish church is organized. (Kyrkans Tidning)
This is how salmon is farmed. (Magasinet Filter)
Encrochat. (Svensk Polis)
Statistics about the summerweather. (Sydsvenskan)
Ear implants. (Funktion i fokus)
Aviation factors, report.
Statistics showing poll results prior to the presidential election 2012 in the USA. (Sydsvenskan)
Fatalaties and injuries caused by traffic. (Volvo Trucks)
Imported goods and quantities. (Svevia)
Coal power statistics. (Sveriges Natur)
Timeline showing wine packaging through ages. (Tetra Pak)
Statistics showing how students fail to reach examination. There is also an interactive version and an explainer. (Lärarnas Riksförbund)
Map that shows oil leaking wrecks in the seas around Sweden. (Sveriges Natur)
Map showing the progress of IS, Islamic State. (Magasinet NEO)
Statistics showing comparison between SAS and Norwegian. (Sydsvenskan)
Explanatory infographic about how to prevent heavy rain. (Tidningen Vision)
Statistics about newspaper production between 1800 and 1900. 3×1 meters large, made for an exhibition at British Library.
Statistics showing how prices has changed between 1982 and 2012. (Sydsvenskan)
The small intestine. (Funktion i fokus)
Online shopping. (Aligo Stories)
The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center.
Timeline and statistics about snus. (Göteborgs-Posten)
Forestry statistics. (Holmen magasin)
Statistics about James Bond movies. Credits to for the research. (Sydsvenskan)
Private aviations statistics.
Museum statistics. (Akademikerbladet)
Migratory birds statistics. (Sveriges Natur)
Relation between income and carbon dioxide emissions. (Sveriges Natur)
Notice to households on how to protect themselves against fraudsters. (Polisen)
Savannah satellite survey. (Lunds Universitet).
Forest ages. (Sveriges Natur)
Socially disadvantaged areas. (Svensk Polis)
The path of microplastics from garbage to the oceans, to the food. (Sveriges Natur)
Meat production statistics. (Perstorp)
Home gymnastics. (Svensk Polis)
Statistics about investments in nuclear plants. ​(Tidningen Syre)
Map showing religious schools in Sweden. (Skolvärlden)
Computer game timeline. (Åbo Akademi)
Statistics about text forewords by CEO:s in annual reports. The large circle show text lenghts. (Dagens Industri Weekend)
Statistics showing artists making their best album when they are around 30. Based on my own albumcollection. And my own opinions. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Cime prevention by hubs. (Svensk Polis)
Statistics about Höganäs’ metal powder. (Höganäs)
Explanatory graphic showing the principles of heat exchangers. (Tetra Pak)
Map showing incidents between several motorcyclegangs. (Sydsvenskan)
Map showing usage of antibiotics in farming industry. (Sveriges Natur)
Map/statistics about refugee camps in Africa. (Sydsvenskan)
Illustrations for installation manual. (Aira)
Poll results on environmental issues. (Sveriges Natur)
Statistics about the average person from Helsingborg. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Radar jamming equipment. (Astor)
Statistics about energy sources and energy usage within cloud service companies. (Camino)
Map showing where minerals are produced. (Sandvik Magasin)
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Optiboost technology.
Newspaper history. (British Library)
Radar technology. (Astor)
This is how a perpetrator can be traced using DNA genealogy. (Polisen)
LINK solutions. (LINK)
Water in City Design.
This is how easy tubular heat exchangers are assembled. (Tetra Pak)
Cancer treatment technology. (Kristina Lång)
PEF technology. (Opticept)
Bag handling. (Baxter)
Newspaper history. (British Library)
Film footage and motion graphics about GPX Porosity. (Gasporox)
The technology at Phoenix Biopower.
This is how our energy system is connected. (Energiföretagen)
Preventive care. (SNS)
vChain technology. (vChain)
Gasporox business operations. (Gasporox)
IBEX system. (Volvo)
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Contribution to World Government summit visualization price.
Interactive circle of fifths as part of music education. Click your way around to spin the circle, and to play the chords and notes. (Nationalencyclopedin)
Chordplayer. Click to play chords, or drag and drop to try together with other chords. (Gleerups)
Zoomable graphic into cells. Drag the bar to zoom. (Gleerups)
The expansion of the roman empire. (Nationalencyklopedin)
Interactive map visualizing the British Library’s newspaper archive.
Interactive test to find out the users knowledge of how many students that cannot manage to graduate. (Lärarnas Riksförbund)
Interactive infographic showing the photosynthesis. (Gleerups)
Statistics showing how students fail to reach examination. (Lärarnas Riksförbund)
Geological timeline. (Nationalencyklopedin)
Interactive infographic showing levels of spinal damages. (Spinalis)
Interactive calculation of olive oil production. Drag the bars to adjust values. (Opticept)
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Growth or sustainability. (Syre)
Eco fascism. (Syre)
Illustrations about the conflicting emotions about being isolated – freedom and loneliness. (Göteborgs-Posten, Två Dagar)
World politics between 2000 and 2010. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Swedish and danish soldiers fighting in the battle of Helsingborg in 1710. The scene in the illustration is one of the actual places for the battle. All soldiers are precessed images of myself, with different faces. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Book cover. (Volante Förlag)
Swedish ignorance for islam. (Sydsvenskan)
Raising children. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Grocery control. (LINK)
Autonomous weapons. (Syre)
The environmental benefits of the corona virus. (Syre)
The new types of employment. Book cover. (Volante Förlag)
Music and sports: about which music style that go together with which sport. (Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Swedish nuclear power. (Tidningen Syre)
Airb’n’b, a growing market. (Scandinavian Traveller)
Grocery control. (LINK)
Propaganda as a weapon. (Sydsvenskan)
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Book production for Mag- och tarmförbundet. Author Anne Lichtenstein. Book cover, layout and infographics.
Book production for Henrik Bredberg and Jan F H Kockum. Layout, illustration and cover.
Brochure for Carnegie, showing the companys funds. Design, layout and infographics. (Carnegie Fonder)
I work with graphic design, more specifically infographics and illustrations, in my company VisualizeThat. I create material for print and web, that is to say also interactive graphics and animations.
My clients range from media, educational material producers, authorities and companies.
In other words, I have experience with many different types of customers, purposes and target groups.
I have a background as a visual journalist since 2001, before starting my company in 2012.

Erik Nylund